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Oil Paintings, Nautical, Marine Art

Oil Paintings
Sue Marion  978-424-5001
Still Lifes
Sail Away
SOLD  oil on linen 9x12"
oil on canvas 8x10"
Day's End   SOLD
oil on linen 11x14"
Menemsha Harbor
oil on linen 20x24"
York in April
oil on canvas 9x12"
Noon in Menemsha  SOLD
oil on linen 24x36"
Still Life                      SOLD
oil on canvas 24x36"
Poppies   SOLD 
oil on canvas 16x20"
Available in giclee or print in a variety of sizes

Fall Bouquet  SOLD
oil on linen   16x20"
Pitcher wth Lemons  NFS
oil on canvas 16x20"
Tulips  SOLD
oil on linen 16x20"

Window Art Chatham  $565
oil on canvas 16X20"
Still Life with Fruit   $250
oil on board 9x12"
Scionsett, Nantucket SOLD
oil on canvas 24x36"
Nantucket Courtyard $565
oil on linen 16x20"
November      $400
oil on linen 14x18"
Farmer's Row, Groton   
oil on linen 18x22" NFS
Front Porch  $400
oil on canvas 14x18"
Secret Walkway,
Nantucket  $300
oil on canvas 11x14"
oil on board 11x14"
Old Connecticut Path $300
oil on linen 14x18"

The Merrimack River

Sunlight through the Birch Trees, 28" x 80" 
oil and acrylic on wood,   $1200
Marine Art
Sunlit River, Vermont   $600
oil on canvas, 15x30"         
Cattails              $375
oil on canvas, 11x14"